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CHIMERA Aviation unveils the Dragon GBT 1170 in Friedrichshafen

It was with great pleasure that we were able to attend the fantastic annual Aero Show in the beautiful town of Friedrichshafen, in Southern Germany. The Dragon GBT 1170 was shown to an international audience for the very first time and received fantastic reviews and extremely complimentary remarks about the design, the engine choice and the use of Direct Control. In particular, Weight Shift (Trike) pilots were quick to recognise the huge capability advantages brought to their ‘style’ of flying by replacing the Wing with an Autogyro Rotor. International sales are now underway for clients in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Norway with visits planned by potential clients from France, Italy and Germany as well.

Our new Clients are already planning Floats and Skis. Exciting times ahead.


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